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Message Center Overview

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The Message Center in your Springboard is the central place to find all messages sent via your website’s contact forms. Consider it command central for information that your website collects, including Donations, Contact Forms, Event Registrations, Volunteer Sign Ups, and Sales from your online store. Let’s take a look at each part of the Message Center: 

Click Message Center in the grey bar on the left to access your Message Center.

 Screenshot of Message Center including toolbar


The Message Center is set up in columns to display important information. Here, you’ll find the Date a form was submitted, the Title and Tracking # (if applicable) associated with the form submitted, who the form is From and the size of any Attachments

You’re also able to filter your message view by date. Click the Last 30 days dropdown menu to choose a preset date range:

Screenshot of Message Center date dropdown menu

You can also choose Specific date…, All dates before… or  All dates after... which will allow you to type in a specific date.

Screenshot of Specific date dropdown menu with space to put date

If you choose Date range… you’ll be prompted to enter two dates.

Screenshot of Date range dropdown menu with start and end date spaces

You can also filter your messages by type (i.e. Donations, General Contact, Event Registration, etc.). Click the All message types dropdown to choose one of the preset options:

Screenshot of Message Center filter type dropdown

Under each message, you'll see a View Origin link.

Screenshot of the View Origin link, third line of the message

Clicking this link will take you out of the Message Center to the page in your Springboard where the message originated from. If you click the View Origin button on a message that came from a deleted page, you will see a "Missing Source" message. 

If you have limited Springboard Access you'll see a similar message. For instance, if you only have access to the Message Center, you will see a notification page that prompts you to contact your site admin for access. If you need help with permissions for Springboard users, contact our Client Success Team.

On Ecommerce orders, you'll be redirected to the shopping cart settings. This is where your global Ecommerce settings live. 

To find out how to Export Messages, follow the step-by-step guide in the Message Center Export article.

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