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Making the default product pages your own

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Your website's product pages are designed to help you showcase your areas of expertise.

Your site has been loaded with pages that allow you to highlight your top products and give users an immediate call to action, like Get a Quote or Place a New Order.

Product listings should never be a dead end--it's important to create conversations by giving customers a clear call to action right there on the page. We've started the process of optimizing these pages for search engines. Just add your geographic location and client testimonials, and you'll discover an immediate boost to your SEO and credibility.

This image shows the name of each content location available on the product page layout. You'll see these labels in your Springboard when you manage the content on these pages.

User-added image

To find the pages in your Springboard, log in and click My Website then Website Content.

  • Click the section title Products or Our Products.
  • Click the Title of any product page, or the gear icon and Manage Content to get to the content preview screen.
  • The content is organized by Content Location, which is the list to the left of the Add Content button. Click each location to update the corresponding content.

product page content

  • Product Content is the largest area of the page, where detailed text information on the product appears.
  • Product Message appears inside a formatted area with the Product Action, which is either a simple get a quote form, or a get a quote button that links to your main estimate request page.
  • Product Image is where the photo displays on the page.
  • Product Testimonial area is formatted to display a headline, image and text nicely to feature comments from your satisfied customers.
  • Hidden Content includes the get a quote button that is set up to link to your main estimate request page. It's your choice to display the product quote request form or just link to your site's Estimate request form.
Here's how to display a Get a Quote button instead of the Quote form:
  • Click the Product Action tab on the left side of the content preview.
  • Click the gear icon for the Form, and choose to Edit Form Settings.
  • Update Content Location to Hidden Content and Save & Close. You've hidden the default form.
  • Next, click Hidden Content, then the gear icon for the collection, Edit Collection Display Settings and update the Content Location to Product Action. You're now displaying the Get a Quote button.
  • To update the headline and message displaying with the button, click Product Message and update the content.
TIP: Consider adding a field to your standard estimate form for the customer to select the product they want a quote on. More ways to make these pages your own:
  • Update the default product images with examples of your own work. Note: The default product images are 350 pixels wide by 450 pixels high.
    • Click Product Image and click the gear in the Actions column. Choose Select a different image, Click Upload Image, choose your image from your computer, then click Select this Image.
  • Ensure the Product Content and Title Tags include your geographic location info. Update if not.
    • The default product content includes a relative link, creating a text link to a related product page on your website. 
    • Click Edit SEO Info on the upper right area of the screen. After the product name, add "| Your City, ST" so the tag looks like this, for example: Custom Banners & Banner Printing | Albany, NY
    • In the Product Content location on the page, click the gear in the Actions column and click Edit Text. Insert your company name, city and state, or region in the text where appropriate.
For example:
Good: Banners are a great way to make a big impact in today’s competitive landscape. In addition to traditional vinyl banners, you can rely on us to print custom banners that will get your business noticed. We’ve worked hard to hone our craft.
Better: Banners are a great way to make a big impact in today’s competitive landscape. In addition to traditional vinyl banners, you can rely on ABC123 Sign Co. to print custom banners that will get your business noticed. We’ve worked hard to hone our craft in Albany, NY.
  • Add Customer Testimonials for social proof.
    • Click Product Testimonial in the list of content locations, and you'll see Collection content, where you can add testimonials from customers. 
    • Click the Label of the default collection item, and add the testimonial information. Click Save & Close.
    • Click Add Collection Item to add another.

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