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Adding Catalogs for Online Ordering (VIDEO)

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Add a catalog of items and display it on any page of your website to make it easy for any visitors to place orders.

customer experience videoCustomer Experience (3 min)

Here's how: Add a Catalog, Add Items to the Catalog, Display the Catalog on a Page and Choose your Checkout.

Add a Catalog

Log into your Springboard and click My Website and Catalog Items (under Libraries).

  • Click Add Catalog.
  • Type a Title for the catalog and an optional Description. It makes sense to label the catalog according to the kind of items in it. 
  • To display the Catalog items out in the open on the page, choose Yes to Display items on the same page as the catalog. To make the catalog title a link to the items, leave it set to No. This works well if you have multiple catalogs to display on a page. Your website visitor would click on the title of the catalog they're interested in.
    • Here's a note about how this setting affects the display of breadcrumbs on your website. With the setting of No, the first breadcrumb displayed will be the catalog the user clicks into. With the setting of Yes, the initial breadcrumb will be the title of the page the catalog items are displaying on, such as "Document Library" or Welcome.
  • Click Save and you're ready to begin adding items to the catalog.

Add Items to the Catalog

You have lots of options and settings to use for displaying Catalog Items. Here are some basics to get you going. You can always complete more of the information for a more thorough catalog item display.

  • Click Add Catalog Item
  • Under General Info, type a Title for the item.
  • Default Quantity: Leave this field blank for your customers to type in the quantity they want to order. To create a pulldown list for them to select from, type quantities separated with the pipe character "|" (shift + \). For example: 5|50|500|5000
  • Under Images & Files, click Browse or Choose file to add an image to display with your item. You can add images any time.
  • Click Save & Finish. Repeat to add more items.

NOTE: This is the basic process for adding items to your catalog with minimum information about each item. Use more of the many options available to tailor the display of your catalog items most effectively.

Display the Catalog on a Page and Choose your Checkout 

  • Click My Website and Website Content. Find the page where you want to display the catalog, on your public site or inside a portal, and click on the page title to manage the content.
  • Click Add Content. If your page already has Catalog Content, go to step 4, to Assign Catalog(s).
  • Select Catalog in the Content Type list (in the Catalogs & Ecommerce section) and click Save.
  • Now, you'll see the Assign Catalog(s) window. If the window isn't displaying, click Assign Catalog(s) in the catalog content preview. Check the box in the Active column for each catalog to display on this page.
  • Click Save.
  • Click the gear icon in the Actions column and click Edit checkout method. To use a simple catalog order form, choose Express for your Checkout Method. Edit the default content, form fields and email messages or Apply a different template. To use the ecommerce shopping cart, which includes shipping and tax calculators, for checkout from this catalog select Ecommerce for your Checkout Method.

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